School Performance

Since the National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum were introduced the curricula for all children have been standardised throughout the country. However not all schools are the same.  Literacy and Numeracy have a high profile in our school, as they are a medium through which children access other areas of the curriculum.  However this is not at the expense of a wide range of other subjects and we provide a broad and balanced experience, ensuring that there is continuity as the children move from one class to another.

The children work in a variety of groupings, as a class, in small groups or as individuals, depending on the task involved.

National Curriculum Assessments, Key Stage 1 (SAT Results)

23 children took these assessments in May 2017.  This table shows a summary of the National Curriculum Assessment Results of pupils in the school 2017 in and provisional national data from 2016 as a percentage of those eligible for assessment.

St Michael’s results are above national and Surrey averages in reading and writing.   Many of our children exceed national expectations (working at greater depth) in reading, writing and maths.

Reading Writing Maths
Working at greater depth – GDS School 45% School 45% School 50%
Working at greater depth – GDS National 24% National 13% National 18%
Working at the expected standard or above School 91% School 77% School 95%
Working at the expected standard or above National 74% National 65% National 73%
Working at the expected  standard - EXS School  45% School 32% School 45%
Working towards the expected standard  - WTS School 9% School 23% School 5%

In the Foundation Stage (Year R) in 2016, 82% of our children achieved a Good Level of Development which is above the national and Surrey average.

In Year 1 93% of our children achieved the phonics threshold which again is above the national and Surrey average.  In Year 2 all children who retook the phonics screening test achieved the threshold.

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