Our School Hall


In May 2015 we were delighted to receive the keys to our newly built school hall and library. The outstanding construction has provided us with a very large space with high vaulted ceilings - in fact we are now one of the smallest schools in Surrey with one of the largest school halls!

The hall is used daily for PE, drama activities, after school clubs and a place to eat together as a school family. The oak beams, solid oak floor and west facing terrace celebrate the schools stunning rural setting and seamlessly blend the old with the new.

The building project also provided our school with a new library and learning zone. This multi-functional space has taken on a woodland theme, which will be further enhanced in 2016 with new furniture and shelving, providing the children with a calm and peaceful place to work.

The hall was officially opened and blessed by the Bishop of Dorking, Ian Brackley, in June 2015. At the opening ceremony the following prayer was read in church to give thanks to everyone who made our new hall possible.

Dear Lord,

We praise you for the gift of our wonderful new hall.

We thank you for the architects who have designed such a bright and inviting space.

We thank you for the carpenters, the bricklayers and plasterers who have practiced their craft to create such a beautiful building.

We thank you for the generosity of the Diocese, our school governors and the local community who have brought this project to fruition.

Please accept this prayer in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ.


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