What is a Governing Body? 

The government requires that each school has a management team made up of the various stakeholders that the school serves, parents, local authority, staff, community and diocese.  This is the Governing Body and governors are elected or appointed to work in partnership with the headteacher to raise standards of achievement in the school.  The main functions of a governing body are to provide a strategic view, to act as a critical friend and to ensure accountability.

How do our Governors work?

Full Governing Body meetings are held four times each year. There are three Governors’ committees which each meet once a term and report to the Full Governing Body:
Finance and Resources (FR): looks at buildings, the School’s budget, staffing resources, health and safety etc.
Learning and Teaching (LT): focuses on the children’s progress and attainment in learning (including those with special educational needs), the quality of teaching and the curriculum.
School Community and Communications (SCC): The FGB has decided to undertake responsibility for the areas which were formerly within the remit of the School Community and Communications Committee (SCC) including admissions to the School, safeguarding, the behaviour, attendance and safety of the children, staffing matters, the School’s website, relationships with other local schools, St Michael’s Church, Guildford Diocese and other organisations in the community. From September 2017 the SCC Committee no longer exists.
Governors also have a monitoring role and will visit school and may talk to different members of staff, visit classrooms, talk to children and look at their work in order to gauge how well things are going. They may also attend school events such as assemblies and fund raising and be involved in staff recruitment.
To be able to carry out their roles effectively Governors undertake regular training, either as a whole group or individually.
Where non-attendance at meetings is recorded below, apologies and reasons for absence have been accepted by those governors present and all the meetings have been quorate. 

Who are our Governors?

We have a friendly and supportive governing body that takes its responsibilities seriously and enjoys being actively involved in the life of the school.

Ex Governors

Jeremy Michael Smith resigned as Headteacher in August 2017.  Meeting attendance 2015/16:  Full Governing Body – 6/7; Learning and Teaching – 3/3; Finance and Resources – 3/3; School Community and Communications – 3/3

Tracey Jane Meredith Bass resigned as Parent Governor December 2017.
Meeting attendance 2016/17: Full Governing Body – 6/7; School Community and Communications – 3/3.

Duncan Campbell Irvine resigned as Foundation Governor December 2017. Meeting attendance 2016/17: Full Governing Body – 4/7.

Sue Tanton resigned as Clerk to the Governors December 2017.

Becoming a Parent Governor

A vacancy for a parent governor will become available when a term of office expires after four years or if a parent governor resigns. At this point the school will write to parents and carers explaining the role and the skills ideally required, and asking for nominations. If there are more nominations than posts, then an election is held. Candidates are asked to write a short supporting statement and parents and carers are able to vote for the candidate they prefer.

Governors' Effectiveness Statement

Governors' Effectiveness Statement 2016-2017 

Governing Body Minutes

Minutes of the Spring Term Meeting  19 March 2018

Minutes of the meeting 1st Autumn Term Meeting 13 September 2017

Minutes of the Summer Term Meeting 10 July 2017

Minutes of  the Spring Term Meeting 20 March 2017

Minutes of the 2nd Autumn Term Meeting 5th December 2016

Minutes of the 1st Autumn Term Meeting 19th September 2016

Minutes of the Summer Term Meeting 18th July 2016

Minutes of the Spring Term Meeting 21st March 2016

Minutes of the 2nd Autumn Term Meeting 7th December 2015

Minutes of the  1st Autumn Term Meeting 14th September 2015

Minutes of the Summer Term Meeting 13th July 2015

Minutes of the Spring Term Meeting 23rd March 2015

Minutes of the 2nd Autumn Term Meeting 8th December 2014

Minutes of the 1st Autumn Term Meeting - 8 December 2014

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